Don't smoke weed kids

2012-10-10 17:00:18 by SqueezyLemon

it makes you mega sexy


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2012-10-10 18:44:24

Lol dude get a life.

(Updated ) SqueezyLemon responds:

Is that your only insult?
It's really not offending me, consider a change of insult
or perhaps suicide.


2012-10-10 20:00:00

Trolling Newgrounds... You must have quite the life. *Willy Sonia Meme*

(Updated ) SqueezyLemon responds:

Meh, I got home from school and didn't have much else to do.
This is the first time I did this sort of thing, did I do good?


2012-10-10 23:21:16

It wasn't an Insult. Merely stating the obvious. I don't come to insult some failed Brat without a Freaking life.

SqueezyLemon responds:

Shhh, go away
Why are you posting on my profile if you have such an enlightened and fulfilled life?
Also you are 14 calling other people brats. You are clearly a homosexual.


2012-10-11 10:46:44

You tell 'em boy! Let them all be ugly while you are teh sexiest gai in dem world! WOO!

SqueezyLemon responds:

I am pretty cute, aren't I?


2012-10-11 12:53:07

Hell yea it does

SqueezyLemon responds:

No it doesn't I found out that it doesn't do anything of the sort.
Those two things are unrelated.


2012-10-13 03:49:04

marry me

SqueezyLemon responds:



2012-10-15 20:20:42

Um dude, your only assuming i'm a Homo. You don't know me(For starters) and the fact that i'm 15 not 14 :p Grow up Kid. Your only Embarrassing yourself. It's making me Laugh at how much your Trolling fails.